Welcome to CommunityPublicRadio.org

Dear Comrades and Friends,

Over the past few years, we've identified a trend in so called progressive media towards fewer informed community voices discussing community issues. In response to the steady decrease in the coverage of community issues, we offer this important forum.

In the search for increased revenue, progressive, community media is in a rapid state of decline. Managers and local station boards have decided to abandon their commitment to serve all of its listeners in the narrow and often racist pursuit of a more "affluent" audience. Producers and hosts with organic links to community are being removed or pushed out of prime time locations to make way for well known celebrities, conspiracy theories and medical cure-alls. As a result, it is extremely difficult to find out what is happening around us. This failed policy has resulted in increased fund drives and a continued decline in revenue and audience.

Come join concerned members of our community for the launching of Community Public Radio (CPR Metro), an internet alternative that puts community issues, community voices and community people in the forefront of the struggle for peace with justice. Tune in http://www.CommunityPublicRadio.org beginning at 6am, December 5, 2011.